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Delivering Technical Design and getting the house built

When you look at a Ström Architects’ building, you should be able to read the architectural language clearly. Sometimes, this may be heavy masonry, and sometimes it may appear floating and effortless.

The simpler it looks, the more work has gone into creating the chosen architecture.

To achieve the desired outcome, we always produce a complete Technical Design Package. This means that all decisions will be made up-front and there will be a comprehensive set of drawings, specifications, and schedules.

Why is this important?

If you want to achieve a build that is on time and on budget, we need to enable early decision making. Making decisions on site when the house is being built, will inevitably lead to issues with coordination, and change orders that cause delay and increase cost.

Making the design decisions up front will get you as close as possible to cost and programme certainty. The build process will also be smooth and harmonious. We want to avoid confrontational relationships between all parties during the entire process.

This is the reason that we don’t “fast track” projects, splitting them into packages and forcing the design team to chase its tail throughout the entire process.

Delays and change orders cost money.

We ask that you trust our process.

Stage 0-1 Pre-design

This is a key part of the process – it’s the unglamourous preparation stage, where we spend time understanding your needs, and getting to know you and your aspirations. We help hone your brief and gather initial information about the site, so that we have a clear picture of the constraints and intentions for the project.

Stage 2 Concept design

This is the exciting stage, where you really get to see your home emerge. We explore concepts through sketches and computer models, and work with you to bring your vision into something resembling reality. If required, we may also prepare a pre-planning submission to gauge the local authority’s receptiveness.

Stage 3 Developed design

At this point the design matures into a more formal arrangement and you really begin to imagine yourself in the spaces. We produce plans, sections, elevations, material palettes, and even interior concepts, physical models, and computer generated renders at this stage. This is also the point at which we would submit a Planning application.

Stage 4 Technical design

This is the most detailed and time-intensive stage of your project’s life so far. We produce meticulous technical packages, so that the project can be accurately tendered, costed and ultimately built. We work closely with the rest of the design team and you, to ensure that every detail of your home is considered and co-ordinated.

Stage 5 Construction

The messy bit! Construction is as expected – it’s when your project begins to come to life in front of you, rather than simply existing on the page. We continue our job as the lead consultant and may also take on the role of Contract Administrator, overseeing the construction contract and monitoring site progress.

Stage 6-7 Post-completion

Once your house is complete, we stay on board for a year to deal with any little issues that arise, that may require rectification by the contractor. We also want to understand how you use the building and hear about your experience living there, so that we can learn lessons from the successes or challenges of the project.