What does it cost to build a one-off contemporary house?

— 16 Dec 2019, 13:01 by Magnus Strom

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There is a lot of information available online and in self-build magazines about the cost of building a home, and we often see costs of about £2,000/ m2 brandished about.

For a truly bespoke one-off project, these costs are - in our experience - not feasible. There will be a premium for quality design, contemporary detailing, bespoke solutions and quality materials, meaning that costs quickly increase.

We would advise that you need to budget a around of £3,500/ m2, but can quickly go north for high-end projects.

What is included in this cost? You should of course expect the building itself to be a good specification, including minimally-framed windows and good quality floor finishes. Bathrooms and kitchens would be to a good standard, but not the top brands.

You should expect a sustainable home heated by air or ground source heat pump, as well as heat recovery ventilation.

Basic landscaping such as creating levels and driveways, and making-good after construction would normally be included.

We advise our clients to allow for a fit-out budget for e.g. furniture, curtains and blinds, specialist wall finishes, AV-equipment etc.

Should you wish for extensive landscape design, then an additional sum should be allowed for this.

We always offer realistic advice from the outset to avoid client disappointment and wasted design fees. We also advise to work with a cost consultant to get further clarity on the cost for each specific project. This is a small fee, but worth its weight in gold to ensure that expectations are realistic and to keep everyone working towards the same goal.

Due to the nature of bespoke projects, the cost will vary from project to project. We will guide you throughout the process enabling informed decisions while reducing project risk.

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