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We are all familiar with ‘supercars’ and ‘superyachts’, but ‘superhouses’ are yet to really be defined. Our Superhouse project is a concept house, designed to epitomise the luxury and quality one finds in superyacht designs, whilst incorporating the comfort and familiarity that is so vital in designing a home.

The house is situated in a private bay in the Balearics, at the end of a long winding road, with panoramic views across the water. It is a simple form: two L-shaped stone walls wrap around two distinct timber-clad volumes. The first houses service elements, whilst the other contains a gym and spa. Between these volumes sits a more open living space that leads seamlessly out to the pool and terrace. The upper storey reads as a long, crisp white volume that spans across the two service elements below.

Whilst yacht and house design are worlds apart in many ways, they share an eye for detail and the need to balance the luxury of the space, with the practical constraints of meeting a brief and creating a living environment. It was important for us to recreate the beauty and sleekness of the yachts in the house and its styling. The use of sliding screens that disappear into the floors and walls, is something that we took directly from flush decks and opening transoms of super yachts. These provide differing environments as needed - sleek and closed-down for a minimalist appearance, or opened-up to reveal functionality, storage and flexibility.

For us, luxury means that the clients’ needs are met before they are even aware of them; that solutions have been found to make using the spaces at once efficient as well as comfortable; and above all that the finishes are of an exceptional quality. From the framing of views and the way that the spaces flow from one to another, to the use of superior materials and precise detailing, this superhouse feels both luxurious and familiar.

  • Ström Architects team −  Magnus Ström
  • Location − Worldwide
  • Structural Engineer − Superhouse
  • Visualisation − The Boundary
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