Bohemian Paradise

We were asked to design a holiday home in a beautiful part of Czech Republic called Bohemian Paradise.


We visited the client in Prague in the late summer of 2020, and we were stunned by their existing 1930s Modernist house which had been refurbished to a very minimal and immaculate standard! The clients are what they called “hardcore minimalists”.


The brief was to design an escape from the city for weekend breaks. Somewhere to go, relax into a chair, light a fire, eat good food and drink wine.


The client loved our project The Quest which we finished in 2015.


We responded to the brief by creating a lower storey containing boot room, plantroom, storage etc. The house is perched on top of this and floats over the landscape. As the site is entered from the same side as the main façade, we wanted to avoid an obvious, intrusive entrance on this side, and avoid having to walk around the house to enter on the rear façade. As such, you enter the house from below, via a staircase.


Bedroom accommodation is at either end of the house, contained in two timber-clad volumes. The timber wraps from outside to inside to provide a uniform appearance.


Between these bedroom volumes is one large open kitchen, dining and living space.


The house is to be built out of concrete with concrete floor, ceiling and the large rear wall is in board-marked concrete.


The design has been edited down so there is nothing superfluous that distracts from the clients’ very simple and minimal brief.


There will also be a small guest house that is a little sibling to the main house, echoing the design language.


The house is planned to start on site in 2021.


  • Location − Czech Republic
  • Visualisation − Lea Babicova Visualisations
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