Meadow House Granted Planning Permission

— 8 Jun 2020, 15:53 by Emma Ward-Lambert

StromArchitects MeadowHouse 01

We’re thrilled to announce that our new-build family home in Essex has just been granted planning permission! The beautiful parkland-esque site is surrounded by greenbelt, and as such we were especially mindful of the impact that this replacement house and its garden would have on the surrounding countryside. To achieve a successful design, the project places great emphasis on the house and landscape being symbiotic. By engaging the services of Emily Erlam Studio at a very early stage, and by undertaking extensive discussions with the planners, we were able to successfully marry the landscape and built form together, and satisfy strict local planning policy.

Stone walls extend out from the house into the landscape, creating distinct garden zones, each with their own identity. The landscape changes from more formal and planned planting around the house, to more freeform and gradually receding wildflowers. The house is predominantly single storey and partially sunken into the ground in some areas, thereby minimising the visual impact. A small 2-storey volume sits against a backdrop of tall trees, and is therefore never seen in silhouette against the sky. By ensuring that the building never breaches the treeline, and by utilising sympathetic materials, we could create a discreet, low-lying building that dissolves into the background when viewed from the greenbelt.

StromArchitects MeadowHouse 08
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