Cobham House Submitted to Planning

— 17 Dec 2019, 15:38 by Emma Ward-Lambert

StromArchitects CobhamHouse 02

We’re excited to share some renders of a private house in Cobham that has just been submitted to the planners.

After a detailed process honing the brief with the clients, we were able to design a home for them and their young family, which would provide the sense of space and light that lay at the heart of their requirements. With a love of minimalist design, but wanting a house that could stand up to busy family life with 3 children and a dog, the clients needed a house that could be at once crisp and clean, but also robust and timeless.

The result is a house of brick and glass, carefully designed around functionality of the spaces within. Pale long-format bricks bring elegance to a traditional material, and emphasise the horizontality of the building volumes. Internally, crisp detailing of the blackened steel, concrete flooring and oak joinery, bring a subtle sophistication to an otherwise robust and weighty material palette.

This minimalist aesthetic combines with the large areas of glazing, to focus the inhabitants on the views outside, rather than on fussy detailing or overbearing interiors. By arranging the rooms into separate volumes, and carefully locating them around courtyards and terraces, we are able to draw light deep into the plan, and give the clients the flood of light that they wanted.

StromArchitects CobhamHouse 03
StromArchitects CobhamHouse 06
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