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Sandy Lane

This is a replacement house on a site in Woodbridge, Suffolk, which enjoys distant views of the River Deben.

The current building to be replaced is primarily a single-storey volume on a sloping site. It has a two-storey entrance element at the Western end, where it is dug into the sloping site to meet the driveway level. This lower level contains garage and ancillary spaces. The upper ground floor connects with the upper grassed area of the site.

Our proposal occupies a similar footprint to the existing house, and the lower ground floor will similarly contain car parking and ancillary spaces, as well as guest rooms. This lower floor is of solid concrete construction while the upper floor is a lightweight timber frame containing the primary living spaces.  Two children’s bedrooms are separated from the kitchen, dining and living areas by the entrance/staircase void. An inset sheltered terrace within the volume separates the master suite placed at the other end.

The house was awarded planning permission in November 2015, and the site was sold in 2017.

  • Ström Architects team −  Magnus Ström,   Emma Ward-Lambert
  • Location − Suffolk
  • Structural Engineer − Eckersley O’Callaghan
  • Cost Consultant − APS Associates
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