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This project involves a replacement dwelling of about 1,700 square meters on a site located just outside Alderley Edge near Manchester.

Despite being situated in the Green Belt and being larger than the previoushouse, the project was granted planning permission. The local planning authority justified granting consent under delegated powers based on the “excellent contemporary design of the house”.

To address the sloping topography of the site, a podium was strategically implemented. The podium provides enclosed parking for the client's car collection as well as a multi-functional party space with a home cinema and bar.   The glazed elevations of the party space offer views into the indoor swimming pool and to the other side, of the displayed cars.   A sculptural helical staircase leads up to the living floors and provides an internal entrance from the garage.

The main living areas are situated on top of the podium. The living wing cantilevers over the edge of the podium, while the adjacent wing features a spacious spa and gym suite. The suite boasts a 15m indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, and gym facilities. The living room cantilever provides protected day-to-day parking spaces, with a wide staircase leading up to the podium and the main entrance.

The top floor houses the family bedrooms and a home office. The master bedroom faces east and extends 9m beyond the living room and podium levels, elevating the suite out and over the ground as it drops away.

Landscaping played a crucial role in the project. The landscaped podium smoothly transforms into wild meadow planting and parkland trees as one moves away from the house. Additionally, a large pond has been incorporated on the eastern side to enhance biodiversity across the site.

  • Ström Architects team −  Magnus Ström
  • Location − Cheshire, UK
  • Visualisation − Strive CGI
  • Landscape Designer − McWilliam Studio
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