Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2012

— 15 Jun 2012

Ström Architects has been chosen as one of twenty emerging practices from around the world for Wallpaper's Architects Directory 2012.

This year, the directory features 20 practices, each from a different country across six continents. Peter Crawley, the artist behind the cover for Wallpaper’s August 2011 Handmade issue, has been commissioned to create 20 beautifully hand-stitched art pieces, each representing the work of one of the architectural practices. The pieces will be on display at the SW1 Gallery in London from 27 June to 7 July.

The exhibition, which is part of London Festival of Architecture, is held at the SW1 gallery in Victoria from 28th of June - 8th of July.

Wallpaper Architects Directory 2012

London Festival of Architecture

Peter Crawley

SW1 Gallery