— 28/11/2017

On last night's Grand Designs, the winner of this year's RIBA House of the Year competition was announced.  There were many great entries this year, providing stiff competition for everyone, but congratulations to  Macdonald Wright Architects for winning with Caring Wood.

However, in a competition such as this, it is an honour to be shortlisted and to have come so close to lifting that trophy.  The RIBA is the most respected architectural institution in the UK, and we have loved this journey as well as feeling extremely proud of it.  

The judges were all delightful, as was Kevin McCloud (great to meet him), and it's truly been an experience to remember.

The Quest has had unbelievable support from the public throughout the programme, and for that we are very thankful.  We've received some great comments and compliments, and it's been great to see.

Thank you to all involved in the project, and of course to Charles, Pennie and Coco (now a bit of a star...).


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